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How I can support you

There are many reasons why we decide to seek counselling, but often it's when things have become overwhelming or when we feel stuck and unsure where to go next. When we experience life difficulties and challenges such as relationship problems, addiction, stress, depression and anxiety, or trauma we can lose our connection to ourselves and those around us, and often function in survival mode with a fight, flight, freeze response. I can offer you compassion, empathy and a safe space to explore anything that's going on for you, without fear of judgement or rejection.

I have experience of working with clients in the following areas:


Exploring Problematic Substance Use

Maintaining Recovery

Solo Parents By Choice

Single and solo parenting

Alternative family structures

Domestic Abuse

Depression and Anxiety

ADHD and Neurodiversity

Bereavement and Loss

Perimenopause and Menopause


Pregnancy and Maternity

Self Harm

Life transititons

Health anxiety

Trauma and PTSD

Birth trauma

Coping through medical investigations and diagnosis

Loneliness and isolation

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