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I am an Integrative Counsellor which means that I combine different therapeutic techniques with a belief that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to counselling. There is not one answer or one way that works for everyone, but counselling should be an exploration of ideas and an ongoing conversation between us. Together we will work out what you would like from counselling and to find the best, unique approach for you.

In our work together, I will bring empathy and compassion with focus on our connection, allowing you to experience a safe, secure, holding relationship where you are able to explore your feelings and experiences without fear of judgement.

Alongside exploring thoughts and feelings, I pay close attention to what is happening on a non-verbal level- through physical sensations, body language, tone and facial expression and seek to support your understanding of your mind and body connection.


I have lived in Bristol for many years and I completed my training at Bristol UWE and then Iron Mill College in Exeter. Over the past few years I have worked as a counsellor for the Swan Project gaining specialist knowledge and understanding of supporting clients in addiction, alongside my work as a one to one Recovery Practitioner at Hawkspring - a charity that supports addiction recovery working with a whole family approach. I also have experience as a volunteer listener and peer support mentor for Mindline, a support helpline run by Bristol Mind. Before this, I worked in community engagement roles in the private sector and the NHS. I also have a creative background and where useful, bring this creativity into our sessions.

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