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What is addiction?

"...any behaviour that gives you temporary relief, temporary pleasure, but in the long term causes harm, has some negative consequences and you can't give it up despite those negative consequences."


I have extensive experience of working with clients in active addiction, early recovery, recovery maintenance and those questioning or concerned about their substance use. 


Problematic substance use or addiction is often a coping strategy developed when life experience and trauma is unbearable or unmanageable. I work in a trauma-informed way, to gently explore and understand what has led a client to substance use or repeated addictive behaviours such as gambling or gaming. I do this with the aim of developing awareness and self-compassion for change. 


​I can also offer support in developing new strategies and ways of coping alongside the deeper work of looking at the roots (the feelings, emotions and experiences) of the addictive behaviour with a view discovering and accepting an authentic way of being and relating to the world around them. Together we can explore the impact of substance use on your life and the lives of those around you.


“The opposite of addiction isn’t sobriety, it’s human connection.”
- Various

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